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Techadamy is a Compaign to Educate Everyone on Futuristic IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) will define the future of the world. This cutting edge technology has already gained massive traction in various spheres like health-care, banking, retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, communities etc. Beyond billions of devices that will be inter-connected, IoT will better connect people and bring improved quality of life.

Businesses and Researchers are already looking for possible applications of IoT. But eventually, it is YOU who will define the value of IoT as ultimate end consumer. The success of IoT will be defined by creative and innovative thoughts and ideas. Tachadamy believes that each of us has one hidden creative genius within us and we can collectively contribute towards new ideas to benefit everyone.

Our mission is to bring the concepts and knowledge of IoT from the research laboratories to common people of all ages. In particular, nurturing young minds to be future innovators is our prime objective.


Promote IOT Literacy

The technological landscape is changing faster towards adoption of IoT. To keep up with this pace and to educate you on emerging trends, Techadamy wants to play a role. You deserve to know how IoT will change your life and intrude every aspect of it.

Our program will make you an informed consumer and an IoT Geek.

Nurture Future Innovators

Techadamy programs are specifically designed to shape young minds for creativity and innovation. Our Techadamy labs program introduces kids to array of sensors, microcontrollers and  networking concepts. While performing various real world projects, kids start thinking out of the box and develop logical thinking process by inventing their own applications of IoT.

The program is open to Kids and Adult alike.

Conceptualize Better Products & Services

Techadamy envisions to provide blueprints of better inter-connected products and services by engaging the ultimate user, YOU. Our Ideations workshop program provides platform for hidden intellectuals like you for collaborative brainstrorming.

The result is the roadmap of better products and services which technology industries can adopt and implement.


Techdamy Labs

Techadamy Labs is our flagship program. We conduct sessions that cover all apects of IoT including

  • Introduction to Computing
  • Microcontrollers (Arduinos) and Sensors
  • Networking and Internet (ESP8266 Chips)
  • Messaging protocols like MQTT and HTTPS
  • Cloud and online Dashboards

The sessions are conducted over few months till all concepts are well grasped through multiple real work projects on IoT usage.

We have our own portal which is a web based community maintained repository of projects.

Ideation Workshops

Our Ideation Workshop can be best described as ‘democratization of IoT’. It brings out the hidden talents among you by community participation in the technological research process.

Typically a short termed activity, Ideation workshop provides a topic and invites people for ideas of improvements and collective brainstorming. The best ideas and approaches are used as feedback for blueprints of better products and services.

The workshop is conducted face-face as well as online.


Experience Our Tool

Contribute to Ideation


Techadamy introduced IoT classes in our society. Though it was intended for my son, I too started enjoying and be part of the learning. The course structured very nicely and integrated with the projects that enables to think real time solutions for the problems around us. The learning of IoT is need of the hour and make us present-future ready before it is too late!! Thanks to Techadamy for this wonderful effort enabling all the age groups to be part of IoT revolution.

Nagaraja Muppuru
Program Manager for Leading MNC

The weekend IOT classes were well structured and conducted. I thought that IOT is kind of rocket science but this program taught me that it is unbelievably easier. I learnt the basics , techniques, programming and IOT usages. The course materials were great and hands on projects helped us to understand easily and better. I gained much more from the program than I anticipated. After attending this program, I am confident of doing an IOT project of my own.


About us

Power of collective intelligence is well known. And we too believe that collective intelligence is the key to solve many problems the world faces today. Knowledge is everywhere and in everyone, though scattered. Hence, by sharing what we know, however small, can make us better informed and connected. It is an immense joy in sharing and giving back to the world, and we want to bring this experience to you.

Technology is one of the happening contemporary mediums to inter-connect people. Techadamy brings a platform through which you can express yourselves on ideas of better world by leveraging technology. We aim to create a knowledge ecosystem in which we will solve complex problems thorough collective brainstorming and innovative approaches.

IOT (internet of things) will define our interconnected future. Techadamy is a small step towards democratizing IOT knowledge and its use. We can define the blueprints of how we can connect devices, information and ultimately people in a better way.

Let’s activate our dormant intelligence and put forth breakthrough disruptive ideas.

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