Every Drop Counts. Saving water using Technology

Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of scarcity. By 2025, 1.8 billion people are expected to be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under water stress conditions.

Water scarcity has been amplified as rapidly growing urban areas place heavy pressure on neighbouring water resources. Apart from depleting water bodies due to climate change, the consumption habit of urban population of cities in particular is the major cause of water shortages. Cities utilize proportionally more water than non-urban population.

Facts obtained from UN-Water (http://www.unwater.org)


Homes in Cities utilize water for Personal hygiene (Showers, Shaving, Laundry etc), Sanitation (Flushes, Cleaning), Cooking (Kitchen usage including cleaning dishes, cooking and water purification machines) and Recreational Purposes (private gardens and pools). Research can easily reveal that domestic usage in Urban areas is at least 50% to 200% more than what ideally should be. This is due to either lack of awareness, poor plumbing or lack of water recycling.

While water recycling (treating waste water to be used in Gardens or Flushes) and unintended plumbing leakages is macro issue, at least 50% water can be saved if only the dwellers are aware of consumption and smart plumbing system is created.

This ideation aims at creating a technological system that limits the water usage as well as tracks the water consumption towards the awareness of the dweller. A dweller typically owns a home with well established plumbing system.



  • An IOT solution with smart plumbing (Taps, water lines etc) that tracks the water usage and takes action on wastage
  • A real time IoT solution to alert and warn the dweller immediately in event of over consumption 
  • An automatic analytical database that tracks & stores the water usage habits of the dweller over time, identifies the opportunities for usage reduction, provides smart recommendations to the user and tracks the usage reduction trends


  • The solution should not put any compulsion on dweller for reducing water usage but should identify areas of wastage and create awareness.
  • A typical plumbing system in City houses has multiple points of entries of water from common tanks (Sumps etc)
  • Multiple taps operate on different inlet lines
  • The number of devices need to be minimal to keep overall cost less
  • The Devices need to be small and hidden
  • It is assumed that the house has wifi internet connectivity and electricity is available all the time
  • The solution should be simple and can be prototyped using sensors and microcontrollers


You can provide your ideas in simple text or present in form of documents. Please restrict your responses in line with the problem. We are more interested in your approaches than actual solution. Simple idea would do like ‘Some Taps should be connected to flow meters that would tell hourly consumption’.

Once we have enough ideas in this discussion forum, Techadamy will consolidate and publish a final solution for prototyping.


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